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Illustrasjon: Gruppe ungdommer i ulike sport- og kulturaktiviteter

National effort to reduce poverty and exclusion among children and young people (NDFU).

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ALLEMED (ALLIN) is a tool developed to make it easier to include all children and young people in recreational activities, regardless of the financial situation of their families.

The tool facilitates discussions and ideas on how to include all.

ALLEMED has been developed by Nasjonal dugnad mot fattigdom og utenforskap blant barn og unge, NDFU (National effort to reduce poverty and exclusion among children and young people). NDFU is a broad, joint initiative by Norwegian NGOs, academic communities and associations.


What are we doing well? What are we already doing in order to include as many as possible? Share experiences and take notes on the blue card.

What could we do better? Select a topic where you believe there is room for improvement and discuss actions required to include ALL. Use the orange cards.

Our first steps. The group agrees on 1-3 concrete actions. Identify who is responsible for what. Take notes on the blue card.

What are we doing well?

You have probably already taken smart steps and made sound decisions to include all. The goal of this card is to highlight positive experiences.

Discuss in pairs (3 minutes) based on the following questions:

Make a joint summary of the successes you have identified. Preferably include specific stories. Take notes on the back of this card.

Positive experiences

We’re already on our way!

Illustrasjon: Bein og fotball

Shoe trouble

One shoe here and one shoe there. Suddenly, it becomes really expensive to participate. Expensive equipment can keep children from participating.

We need smart ideas. Can we find ways to borrow, swap and encourage hand-me-down equipment? By being creative, the list of equipment needed does not have to become an obstacle to participation.


Establish a box for hand-me-down equipment that everyone can use.

Illustrasjon: Ungdommer rundt et spørsmålstegn

Time for roll call

Roll calls are important and focusing on those present is natural. However, what about Sindre who was not allowed to participate, and Janne who simply did not dare to ask permission?

Poverty is an obstacle to participation for children and young people, which in turn prevents them from socializing and developing, mastering new skills and making friends. It is important to consider who is NOT present. Do the activities include all, regardless of financial situation?


Visit schools to inform about our activity.

Illustrasjon: Gutt og en buss som kjører forbi

Out and about

Leon did not show up for the trip. The team decided to participate in a cup far away from home that cost more than Leon’s parents could afford.

To spare his parents feelings, Leon chose to quit the activity he loves. He was embarrassed and sad that his family could not afford it, but luckily he did not have to show it.

Trips and travels

Take trips locally to make sure everyone can join.

Illustrasjon: Trist jente i ordinære klær ser på gjeng med jenter med merkeklær.

Everyone has one!

Backpack, shoes, socks, racket, bag and definitely the sweater. “I have to have it,” Lise said. “Everyone has one!” At least that is what it feels like. It is not easy to feel that you are the only one who does not have what everyone else has. How to be the only one who cannot afford what everyone else can? And what should a leader do to prevent equipment and fashion from becoming so important?

Status & pressure

Be clear about what equipment is required for your activity.

Illustrasjon: Ungdommer i dialog og jente med tankeboble

Outside inside

Rikke looked around and felt awkward. Alone. Lonely. Even when she was with all the others. An out- sider. Rikke thought about things others did not understand and was worried about things others did not see. She was afraid to be caught, even if she had done nothing wrong.

Worries are part of life for everyone who experiences poverty growing up. Many take on great responsibility to spare their parents from additional worries.

Being an outsider

Let the children become agents of inclusion and take part in making everyone feel included.

Illustrasjon: Mann med et skilt med teksten Inngang 350 kroner ved siden av jente som er lei seg

Entrance fee

«Do you have a ticket?» the man asked briskly, while the little girl crouched so no one would see her. The more invisible, the less vulnerable.

Poverty in Norway is largely about reduced opportunities for partici- pation. When the entrance fee is too steep, some children and young people will not be able to join.

Membership fee

Include contact details on the invoice for parents who have questions about the fee.

Illustrasjon: Person på vei ut dør med Exit skilt over

Drop in and drop out

Not all dropouts can be filed in the category «natural». Sometimes we lose someone because of something we did not see, catch or anticipate.

That is what happened to Sjasmin. After three years, she chose to quit the activity. She said she wanted to try something new, but that never happened. The real reason was that Sjasmin knew her family could not afford her to continue.


Convey clearly information about financial support schemes.

Our first steps

You have now had a conversation about the topics on these cards. Perhaps you have had aha moments, perhaps some useful reminders. The next step is turning this conversation into action.

Agree on 1-3 action points you can do to include ALL and make more children able to join your activity. Make notes on the back of this card.

Each of you, take notes/take pictures of the actions you agreed upon, in order to document them and make it possible to revisit them.

Our first steps

Who is responsible?

Good luck!

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